Burned (Dani O’Malley Trilogy #2) by Karen Marie Moning

12444297Expected publication: July 22nd 2014 by Delacorte Press

I am so distressed about this upcoming book.

Been in love with KMM’s writing since her highlander series. I adored the first 3 books of the Fever series. There wasn’t a week gone by without a visit to her website or the message board or her blog discussing with the other maniacs the ever important question of Who or What JZB is. Really I was even contemplating going to one of the Fever-Cons.

Then KMM made the world go down apocalypse style, sent Mac mirror-jumping into alternate worlds and made Barrons piss circles. Disappointment is too small a word to describe what I felt.

To make maters worse she starred Dani as a major female character after Mac’s and Barrons so-so HEA. A 14-year old girl, who talks in 3rd person about herself, calling herself The Mega, using feck and Dude too many times to count ang setting her up for future sexual interest with several millenia old pervs.

After several attempts in a Q&A by KMM to explain that it wasn’t sexual at all (http://karenmariemoning.blogspot.de/2013_06_01_archive.html) she even goes so far tell us reader HOW TO READ her books.

Stay with me. Keep the faith. This made it difficult for some readers who tried to view the Alphas through Dani’s vantage and felt an ‘ick’ factor. Well, stop it! You weren’t supposed to do that anyway, LOL.

Well, I would appreciate it, if the author of the book I just spent 15 Euros on, wouldn’t LOL at me. Thank you very much.

So now you can read 2 excerpts online, one from Mac’s view and now one from the Unseely King.


Barrons still calls Mac Miss Lane in private. Really? Really? Please KMM are you fucking kidding me? I’ve waited 5 books for them to finaly acknoledge their feelings for each other and now in book 7 you’re telling me that distance is the only way to make a realtionship work? In the words of the UK let me tell you: “Priorities, get some!”

“Ms. Lane.”

Barrons’ voice is deep, touched with that strange Old World accent and mildly pissed off. Jericho Barrons is often mildly pissed off. I think he crawled from the swamp that way, chafed either by some condition in it, out of it, or maybe just the general mass incompetence he encountered in both places. He’s the most controlled, capable man I’ve ever known.

After all we’ve been through together, he still calls me Ms. Lane, with one exception: When I’m in his bed. Or on the floor, or some other place where I’ve temporarily lost my mind and become convinced I can’t breathe without him inside me this very instant. Then the things he calls me are varied and nobody’s business but mine.

I reply: “Barrons,” without inflection. I’ve learned a few things in our time together. Distance is frequently the only intimacy he’ll tolerate. Suits me. I’ve got my own demons. Besides I don’t believe good relationships come from living inside each other’s pockets. I believe divorce comes from that.

And now in your newest excerpt from Burned we get to see the UK and the Seelie Queen.

Burned I assume will give us plenty of JZB, Mac, the UK, and maybe even the Keltars in order to give Dani time to get older. Awesome. At least I am looking forward to see old friends and read less Dude and feck from The Mega.

Please, pretty please let Burned be what Darkfever was: dark and mysterious, full of emotions and hidden secrets. If this book is going to be like Iced with a shitty plot and bad characterization I will cut you out from my favorite book shelf.