The Apocalypse is coming …

As this is or will be my literary blog, an outlook on books I’ve read and found disturbing, books that should never have been published and books the world should know more about, because they are AWESOME, let’s start with a more or less short list of my all-time favorite books of apocalyptic events.

Maybe it all started with The Stand by Stephen King and from there it went straight downhill to 28 Days, I am Legend, Resident Evil and lately The Walking Dead series. As desperate as I am waiting for the next episode or movie, I am also always looking for new books to pass the time.

So here are some of those books I really enjoyed reading

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Those lovely lovely dresses …

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Oh my heart goes boom, boom, boom…

Those lovely lovely dresses … Can’t decide which one I like more. Shopping right now 🙂

And here is a bit more information about Marmalade-shop:

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Beautifully Damaged – L.A. Fiore

Beautifully Damaged

Beautifully Damaged – L.A. Fiore: I really wanted to give it a try, even after reading the bad reviews… It started quite well but 30% into the story I just couldn’t take it any longer. The plot, the characters’ behavior and the dialogues are so unbelievable and unrealistic that I simply started to skip page after page just to see if it was going anywhere interesting anytime soon. Well it didn’t. I really wanted to like Trace and the overall story. I really have this thing for dark, handsome and broody alpha males with 6 feet of lick worthy muscle. But some authors just ruin it for you. Whereas there really are books out there, where you fall in love right alongside the female protagonist, where you laugh and cry with her, this book is really a letdown.

Thanksgiving, Ember brings Trace home to meet her Dad. And here is an example of the most stupid dialogue I have ever had the misfortune to read:
“Come in Daddy”
“Where did you meet Trace”
“At a club. Someone was harassing me and he stepped in and knocked the guy’s lights out. He, like you, pegged Lena’s character. … He never knew love as a child and something dark from his past has left him believing he is unworthy of love. He’s a fighter and he’s lethal with his hands.”

I would never tell my overprotective parents that my new tattooed and heavily muscled boyfriend who can knock peoples light out and is a LETHAL professional fighter has low self-esteem and anger issues, but hey Daddy: “Next to you, he’s the finest man I’ve ever known” … oh yes for sure. My parents would LOVE this guy immediately, just because when he looks at Ember “he reminds me of how I used to look at your mother”… LOL

And this book is packed of such hilarious situations and dialogues. I really recommend not reading this book.