The Midnight Witch by Paula Brackston

17910080Not sure if I’ll ever write a full review for this as I did not finish it.

First reason: the writing.
It’s like trying to walk through thick molasses. Especially in the beginning everything is described so fucking detailed I was honestly bored out of my mind. Then the author switches between past and present tense, first and third person narration and different point of views which renders the book into one gigantic annoying read. It’s as if neither author nor editor have proof read it. The use of present tense narration always irritates me.
Also I kind of expected more a historical romance novel set in the early 20th century with some supernatural witchcraft / ghosts elements. But the dialogues, described etiquette and even the names do not contribute much to historical accuracy. It was all so very much uninteresting. I’d rather watch the Titanic sink again and Leonardo di Caprio drowns than finish this book.

Secondly: The romance:
it’s kind of the same as in Titanic. Super beautiful, super rich, super fancy witch with a super fiancé falls in love with an artist from the poor / wrong / non magical / non aristocratic part of the society. Yawn … Have I mentioned Titanic? The movie was awesome in comparison to this. At least Leo drowns and I still cry some tears when the mother tells her two children a story while the ship is running full of cold water.

Third: the magic part
They are all so damn powerful necromancer and then nothing. We are told they are. Actual zombies: none. Ghosts? Nope, none of that either. The whole mystical element is more like the secret meetings of a secret cult where everything is more about power struggle than magic / necromancy.

This book is a waste of time if you ask me. There are better historical novels, there are much better romance novels and there certainly are better fantasy novels out there.



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