The Well’s End by Seth Fishman

16101138Expected publication: February 25th 2014 by Putnam Juvenile

There is one major cookie point for this book: It is surprisingly engrossing and I couldn’t put it down. The plot moves fast and is full of action. Boring this book is not! The plot was well thought out full of interesting twists. One thing that I disliked majorly about it is the cliffhanger ending. Just because author & publisher want to make more money with a story doesn’t mean they should leave readers hanging with an unfinished story!

Then there were two other major no-goes that didn’t work out for me:

First – characterization:
Those teenagers, hmpf, they were just kind of boring. Their interactions were just plain meh. Also the boarding school setting for super rich and super talented teens felt kind of overdone. Mia’s voice is in the beginning fun enough to read, but as the story progresses I felt like she wasn’t pushing enough for answers and was too accepting of the things other people told her. I just could not form a connection to any of the characters in the book.

Second – romance: 
The romance between Mia and Brayden was rather awkward and *spark-less* and kind of fake. I skipped a lot of their interaction.


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