The Break-Up Artist by Philip Siegel

17684323Expected publication: April 29th 2014 by Harlequin Teen

That was actually pretty funny and entertaining and I would highly recommend it to just everybody who wants to read a charming, humorously written and superbly plotted YA novel with several parallel storylines that fit together and complement each other perfectly.

There is a wonderful mix of complications in Becca’s life: her older sister sulks at home because her fiancé left her standing by the altar, her best friend Val falls for the wrong guy, breaking up the homecoming king and queen proves more difficult than expected and all while she’s heading straight into breaking the biggest unwritten BFF rule: Don’t go after your friend’s boyfriend. Her High School life is getting a total mess. This is like watching a teenage Bridget Jones heading straight into a train wreck. But the pacing and timing of all those storylines was simply exactly right and made the book into one hell of a charming and engaging read.

Becca, the main character is despite being the break-up artist a very likable character. Deep down she is a good person and has good intensions but as with many teenagers she thinks she knows best. Becca feels justified in her actions. Up to a certain degree she is right to call couples “relationship zombies”. Believing in doing the right thing she is sure to make some very stupid decisions along the way. But by the end of the book she has grown up and seen her mistakes and sets out to make things right again. She realizes that the couples she broke up weren’t filled with one-dimensional people and that sometimes “love” can bring many people to do stupid things, just like she did with Ezra. Becca’s scheming character is hilarious and I am happily looking forward to the next book by Philip Siegel featuring this intriguing character because I really enjoyed her witty voice and the hilarious dialogues. Maybe we will see Becca again as a matchmaker instead of the famous break-up artist.

This book avoids all Young Adult errors other authors so willingly plunge into. No insta-love, no slut-shaming, no Mary Sue-ish characters, no love triangle. Yes there is a Queen Bee at school, which High School hasn’t got one? But Huxley is portrayed in a way that makes her still likable despite her (many) faults. Philip Siegel really has a talent for realistic characters and witty dialogue as well as plot composition.



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