Cricket Cove by T.L. Haddix

20699809Expected publication: February 7th 2014 by Streetlight Graphics Publishing

T.L. Haddix “Firefly Hollow” series is like coming home. I have read all books in the series and was rewarded with a sweet romance and an entertaining read every time. T.L. Haddix combines paranormal elements with romance centered around a shifter family, with emotionally or physically scarred male protagonists falling in love with the girl next door. It’s all very charming once you get past the slow beginning. T.L. Haddix puts a lot of effort into giving the reader a deep understanding of the family bonds and the character’s background resulting sometimes in a lazy moving plot. But for me it is always a big joy to read about each member of the Campbell clan and witness again their interactions with old and new friends. This is one of those families you wish you were a part of. If there are book-boyfriends this would certainly be first on my list of book-families-I-want-to-be-adopted-in.

Apart from the shifter magic Amelia Campbell (wolf) and Logan Gibson (a purring lion cat) posses, both are portrayed realistically with each their own personal issues and faults. It is one of Haddix’ big strengths creating main and secondary characters you can effortlessly relate to and connect with. This romance could easily appeal to (contemporary) romance as well as fantasy romance fans as the paranormal elements of the story are very subtle but well integrated into the overall storyline. The series with Cricket Cove being the fifth Firefly Hollow book is like one of those big family sagas spanning decades, with this latest installment taking place in the early 90s.

Cricket Cove, like all other novels in the series, is a well-crafted, fascinating read with adorable characters and a realistically evolving romance. I was hooked from the first book and I just keep reading and reading and reading.

I received this as an ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


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