King Cave by Scarlett Dawn

18518269KING CAVE … OMG
King Hall was so good that I’ve been anxiously waiting to read King Cave. I totally adore how Scarlett Dawn is writing, how she composes the world and builds up her characters. You simply have to love Lily, Ezra, Pearl and Jack. Those four together have some serious mojo that kept me reading and reading and reading and … reading.

King Hall had some hilariously funny scenes that me giggling and laughing (and thus scaring my cats away) in the middle of the night. I was afraid that King Cave might lose some of this witty banter and humorous passages due to its somewhat more serious plot: The mystical community under attack, a lot of people dying, danger and violence lurking around every corner … But even though it gets serious for Lily and her friends, they haven’t lost their humor.

King Cave picks up directly after King Hall. Lily and her friends have to save as many Mys as they can from the attacking humans. Where King Hall was focused on the four friends and future Queens and Kings, on their developing friendship and how each copes equally with love and loss, family and friends, friendship and all kinds of other social attachments, King Cave in contrast puts the focus on an impeding war and the blooming of real love, a war that will be brutal between Mys and humans and love that is not bound by mate magic but that is built on free will. The conflict between Mys and humans, the political implications of a war is more dominant in King Cave than it was in King Hall but still not in the forefront of the story. It still leaves you wondering about the reasons behind the attacks and those responsible for it.

The building love between Ezra and Lily is moving the plot along and we get treated to a lot of long awaited emotional scenes and sex between those two. I really love Scarlett Dawn’s writing, because she really makes you feel along with the main characters, their insecurities and fears, their love and difficulties. The emotions between Ezra and Lily really kept me glued to my kindle. It actually is like Cuteness overkill!

The only complaint from my part: Jack and Pearl are MIA. I understand that the focus had to be on Lily and Ezra but on the other hand I fell in love with those four characters together and I would have loved to witness their story as well instead of the few phone calls and short encounters we are treated to. But I still loved the story and nothing short of the apocalypse will keep me from reading the next book. King Cave definitely is a re-read for me.

This series is for all who like character driven stories with a touch of fantasy and a good portion of gripping romance without any teen angst or uncalled-for love triangles.

I received this book from the author & netgalley in exchange for an honest review.


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