The Bone Season (The Bone Season #1) by Samantha Shannon

13636400I really wanted to like this one … but I simply couldn’t. Too long, too much information, too much talking and recounting of past events and not enough action. At 45% into the book I almost reached the point of dismissing it. Unfortunately the promising story remains clouded by bad execution.

I’ve got really bored by all the explanations, descriptions and retellings of the past while waiting for the action to finally start. The first half of the book nothing really interesting happens. Not only I was sitting around waiting but Paige too, although technically a slave does nothing else but sitting around and listening to other people’s stories. Paige has really nothing to do, no chores; no training … It is so boring being a slave that you simply have to miss curfew and get in a brawl just so that your Master can heal you. But you hate him so much, really he is so bad! What with all his help, and good looks, taking care of you and letting you sleep in his bed. That is such a hard life, that you have to remind him every time to kill you and “get it over with” … really girl get a grip!

Part of why I didn’t like the book was because Paige as a character simply annoyed the hell out of me. She is so inconsistent. She saves Warden’s life several times, but in the next instant she hates him so much and wants him to die or him to kill her. If she isn’t preoccupied with herself she might remember that she has friends she wants to help, or not. Paige as main character was horrible and not at all a compelling heroine. She practices her power as a dreamwalker for years with the help of the criminal underground lords and still doesn’t know anything. But with two training sessions under the supervision of her new master Warden, she learns to harness her powers … Yeah right! I so believe this! But what really destroyed that character for me was her constant reminder: “Please kill me and get it over with!” … Because really her new life as a slave is soooo hard. I swear this girl just sits around while other people explain or tell her what happened. The only time she takes something into her hand is when she saves Wardens life. But 5 minutes later she wishes him dead again. I didn’t even get what her power really meant. It really is not that awesome in my opinion. She can’t even possess a butterfly. How pathetic is that! And killing with the mind, yeah well I’m sure there are better and much more efficient non-voyant ways to kill someone. And by the way: She is no mind reader. She said so herself. So she doesn’t really “scout for information”. Also why should a several hundred years old alien entity like Warden fall in love with her? I didn’t get it. There was absolutely nothing romantic going on throughout this book, apart from a scene at the end of the story where he kisses her. Because of the kiss, she now wants him to come with her and be with her and stay with her and … yeah right: Now she trusts him. Not because he saved her life, or helped her with her friends, or trained her or been there for her … No because he kissed her.

One other problem I had was imagining the world. The world was original enough, slightly dystopian (the political order in Scion), a little bit magical and steampunkish at least in my imagination (Oxford and the world of the Rephaim) as well as futuristic sometimes. But as hard as I tried I couldn’t put those pieces together. There was no harmony in the whole: You have hunted and enslaved clairvoyants, dictatorship and a totalitarian regime, the mafia / criminal underground, aliens with vampiric traits and the blue-blooded lifestyle of the middle ages, etc … It was too confusing.


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