Extinction Point by Paul Antony Jones

Extinction Point

Extinction Point and its sequel Exodus are apocalyptic candy, where one woman finds herself alone in a world, which has been wiped out by a biological alien invasion. I must confess, this book scared me … (I am easily spooked.) But Jones’ story also kept me reading and reading and reading. I had to find out what happens next, discover what wiped out life on Earth and witness alongside Emily the end of our world and the birth of a terrifying new one. This book is a page-turning thriller with a fantastically designed story. What if you were the last living person in New York, what if the only other survivor you know of was 4500 miles away and what if the millions of human carcasses around you would slowly transform into something alien and frightening. Paul Antony Jones has a few really great angles towards the alien invasion apocalypse and he knows how to spice it up with good horror moments, too: A bit from Ridley Scott’s Alien movies, H.G. Wells’ The War of the Worlds or I Am Legend.

While the concept of the story is really captivating, the author’s somewhat domineering love for details is NOT. As much as I did enjoy half of the book, the other half was boring enough to skip. It’s not so interesting really which clothes Emily packs into her backpack, and how many other things she places in that backpack and especially not where exactly she places every object in the backpack. It’s the same with changing clothes, riding her bike, or making herself a cup or coffee. Those needlessly prolonged chapters could have been easily removed and besides, it would have done the novel a great favor.

In spite of the minor criticism points, I still demolished Extinction Point in a single sitting like a big tub of New York Super Fudge Chunk Ben & Jerry’s ice cream.


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